Anti-reflective coatings (also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) are a microscopically thin multi-layer coating that eliminates reflections from the front and back surface of lenses.

TYPES OF CRIZAL (Anti-Reflective):

Crizal lenses provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, and UV light.

  • Crizal Alize: Long-lasting clean-ability. Protection against smudges, oil, and water.
  • Crizal Avance: The Most Durable No-Glare Lens Ever. Enhanced scratch resistance to protect lens. Dust and dirt repellent for clearer vision and less cleaning.
  • Crizal Saphire: Minimized glare and reflections to the maximum. Nearly invisible lenses
  • Crizal Prevencia: Filtering of harmful Blue-Violet light. Clear and comfortable vision.

ALL these lenses help protect from the scratches, smudges, dust and fingerprints you encounter in daily use.


Lenses that are treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating. This lens have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching,


Fog Free — eliminates the condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging.